All Fleet Solutions

All Fleet Solutions offers more than a generic prep package or fuse panel. Our products support a wide array of installation techniques and an even wider array of equipment. Our team can assist in selecting the right power distribution, harness, and options for your installation to build a solution tailored to your fleet. Adaptable Design means there is no need to force a one-size fit all solution into your fleet. Our customers and installation providers are able to tailor each harness for each specific vehicle and equipment configuration.

Series F

All New Series F Harnesses

New Option Configurations

• 1-3 Trigger Selections
• 3 Trigger Grill Lights Standard
• Home Run Wires

Use our layouts to determine where your equipment will go!

Not sure which harness is right?

Coming Soon – All New Harness Configurators!

We will walk you through the steps to choose the right options.