Type SGX – Automotive Battery Cable

Automotive XLPE Insulated Wire Type SGX Battery Cable can be used for automotive starters or battery grounds where resistance to abrasion, heat, and aging is needed. This cable is available in stranded battery circuit colors of black and red.   SGX Wire exceeds the specification of common welding cable with increased heat rating and resistance to oil and water.

Meets SAE J-1127 and  SAE: J1654

RVIA specifications

Ford: ESB-M1L85-A, ESF-M1L92-A

Chrysler: MS-5919

Insulation:  Crosslink Polyethylene

Temperature Rating:  -40 to +125C

SGX Automotive Battery Cable



2-6 Gauge Power & Ground

 Wire Priced by the Foot  Sold on 100 Foot Spool

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