P24-FLEX Power Distribution Center

The P24-FLEX is named for its flexibility of configuration which can be tailored to your unique fleet needs. This power distribution center provides 10 Battery Hot and 14 Flex Circuits and includes 1 Voltage Monitoring Programmable DC-TMD Timer Card. Each circuit has a 30 amp max with a 125 amp max total load. 

Battery Hot: 4 Maxi Fuses 50 amp max per Circuit, 6 Circuits 30 amp max per circuit. Configurable: Zone 1: 6 Circuits, Zone 2: 4 Circuits, Zone 3: 4 Circuits. Zones 1, 2, and 3 can be individually selected as Timed, Ignition, or Master Switch controlled.


• Low Voltage Disconnect
• Over-Voltage Protection
• Infinite Mode
• Solid State Design
• Ignition Override

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