Adaptable Design Harnesses

Adaptable Design.
All Fleet Solutions offer more than a generic prep package or fuse panel. Our products support a wide array of installation techniques and an even wider array of equipment. By selecting the adaptable design harness you can build your own design with our options or one of our team can assist in selecting the right power distribution, harness, and options for your installation to build a solution tailored to your fleet.
Adaptable Design means there is no need to force a one-size fit all solution into your fleet. Our customers and installation providers are able to tailor each harness for each specific vehicle and equipment configuration.
Determine which Harness Series is the correct starting point for your installation. Base, Installer. Integrator, and Plug & Play Series – Adaptable Design
Harness Series:
The Harness Series determines the layout and braiding for the harness. The “T” Integrator and “P’ Plug and Play Series are available in both Level 1 and Level 2 configurations.
Understanding Main Harness Part Numbers:
The Main Harness configuration appears before the dash and the options appear after the dash.
-The First Positions are the Series: BH, I, T, P, ICAN
-The Second Position “Level” within the Series: 1 for Level 1 and 2 for Level 2. Level 2 includes a main fuse panel.
-The Third Position is the Battery or Ground Location: F for Front, R for Rear, 0 for No Battery Cable.
-The Fourth Position is the format of the light and siren control wires: C – Console, T – Trunk, & S – Swing Arm.
-The Selected will appear after the dash in the order shown above.
-Radio Option: More than one radio option can be selected including XXYY or YYYY configurations.
-The Radio Options need to match the battery:
-Front Battery Harnesses may not include the W or Z Options.
-Rear Battery Harnesses may not include the P, U, X or Y Options

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